Buying Ethereum

We advise using as an exchange for buying your ETH. accepts payment by credit card and works with countries worldwide. already calculates their fees into the exchange rate, this makes the prices seem higher but they're equal to other exchanges. is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges around today. Starting out in 2013 as Bitcoin exchange and cloud mining provider. By now only operates as a exchange for Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Trading cryptocurrency via requires an extensive verification of your identity. This is because they apply KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies. None of their users have ever faced accounts funds theft!

Buying Methods allows you to buy Ethereum and Bitcoins using various methods. Methods used are:

  • Buying ETH using Bitcoins

    If you already own Bitcoins you can easily transfer them to your wallet and use them to buy Ethers right away. All the cryptocurrencies are placed in cold storage and they stay compliant with the highest security standards.

  • Buying ETH using Credit Card or Debit Card

    If you want to buy ETH using your local currency you can easily do so by funding your account using your Debit or Credit Card. They accept Visa, MasterCard, and virtual cards. They safety of your card information is guaranteed using the PCI DSS standard.

  • Buying ETH using Bank Transfer

    Buying ETH with from your bank account has a lot of advantages (especially with larger amounts). When using Euro's they recommend using SEPA for faster and cheaper deposits.

Steps to buying Ethereum using

Buying Ethereum using requires a couple steps to be completed.

  • 1. Open a account

    Create a using your Facebook (not recommended) or Google account or simply use an existing e-mailaddress. You will receive an e-mail with the requred verification steps you need to follow to finish this process. To raise your accounts security you can choose to enable a Two-Factor (or 2FA) Authentication tool named Google Authenticator. This is a smartphone app which will send you a randomly generator verification code you can use to further secure your login requests.

  • 2. Add payment methods

    To make deposits and withdrawals you need to link your cards using the card manager. You need to provide information about your card and you need to prove that you are its owner. This requires a pictures of you holding the card. So make sure you have all available to you when you start the register process. Thereafter all your cards will be linked to your account making it easier and quicker to withdraw and deposit funds on them. You can add multiple cards and manage them whenever you want. All your information is safe guaranteed by the PCI DSS certificate.

  • 3. Fund your account

    If you wish to use your local currency to buy Ethereum you need to deposit some funds into your account. You can do this using the above mentioned payment methods.

  • 4. Buy Ethereum

    If your account is verified and funded you are ready to start buying Ethereum. Simply go to the "Buy/Sell" page. Here you can choose the amount of ETH you wish to buy or choose a respective bundle. Assuming your account has sufficiant funds your Ethereum should show up in your wallet instantly.

  • 5. Start trading!

    Now you are ready to start trading. Keep an eye out for that ETH price and stay up to date with the latest ETH news and trade accordingly.

    Have fun!

Buy ETH or BTC directly

After you have created a wallet you can then buy coins directly from Changelly and send them to your wallet on either or Coinbase on your external wallet or locally.