Finding the best Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that, unfortunetly, can be easily stolen if not placed within a proper secure wallet. When using Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies (like the Bitcoin) it is important to remember you are your own bank, that means you are responsible for storing your coins safely. If you make a mistake or lose your data there is usually noone you can turn to for help and noone to blame but yourself.

Luckily all this can be prevented if you use the correct wallets and store your coins safely.

The safest option

Storing your coins on an external wallet will always be the best choice if you want to go for the safest option. As soon as you unplug your external wallet your coins are unaccesable from the outside. There is no way for hackers to reach your wallet once you unplug it from your computer.

The Ledger Wallet Nano S

By far the safest way to secure your Ethers is to use the Ledger Wallet Nano S. Besides Ethers this wallet can also be use to store Bitcoins. This wallet is completely Malware Proof. Even if your computer is infected by a virus this wallet will protect you from hackers trying to get to your cryptocoins. The data on this external usb connected wallet is totally encripted and uses double chip architecture (ST31/STM32) and 2 Factor Authentication.

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Storing your cryptocoins at an online exchange

Once you start buying larger numbers it is recommended to look into storing your coins locally or on external wallets. But when you are still somewhat new to buying cryptocurrency, or you want fast access and flexibility in trading your coins, storing them at online exchanges might be a smart option for you.

The below mentioned exchanges offer state-of-the-art security and follow strict rules and guidelines ensuring your coins are safely stored in their digital vaults. Especially for new users it is recommended to start of using one of these parties to store your coins as it is fast and easy to set up and get going (read more about s etting up your wallet and start buying here.

Two online exchanges we recommend using are:


  • Coinbase

    (Get 10 USD for free after your first 100 USD purchase)

Storing your coins on your computer

If your choose to store your coins on your computer you can use these official Ethereum wallets

  • Geth Wallet (go implementation)

    Command Line, Official
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  • Eth (c++ implementation)

    Command Line, Official
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  • Mist Ethereum Wallet

    GUI, Official, Full Node, App, Supports ETH, Generic Token Interface, Generic Contract Interface
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